How To Take A Fundraising Event To Multiple Cities

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You have a big heart, a big vision and an even bigger cause - and now it’s time to take your fundraising event to multiple cities. Growing your fundraiser can feel exciting and daunting at the same time, but Live Nation Special Events is here to help you take your fundraiser, gala, charity concert or non-profit event to the next level!

With over 150 venues nationwide, we offer a network of unique spaces that can host highly coordinated multi-city fundraising events. Each Live Nation Special Events venue features an experienced team of event professionals, world-class audio and visual production, custom menus and mixology curated specially for you, and scalable spaces for intimate cocktail gatherings to large crowds. Don’t worry we also got you covered for live entertainment with unlimited access to artists, DJs, and keynotes. Our relationships with the world’s biggest superstars ensure a “wow factor” that your guests will remember for life.

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Let our National Sales Team serve as a single point of contact to help you plan an epic multi-city fundraiser. From private concerts to galas, our team offers multi-city fundraiser concepts that will take your event to the next level, increase attendance, and create memorable experiences for your guests. Read on to see which is the best for you. 

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One Event In Multiple Cities  

One night, several cities, thousands of donors - and endless opportunities! Imagine your organization's event unfolding simultaneously across the nation in various major cities. With this approach, our team will assist you in creating a cohesive production playing out at multiple Live Nation venues. Your multi-city fundraising event will be aligned in all locations to promote your cause, brand and programming. Acting as one epic event, our venues can adopt coordinated branding such as customized marquees, custom catering and craft bar menus offering a unified culinary experience.  

With live streaming technology, we can connect your audiences and speakers to multiple event venues in different cities. All of your guests would feel connected to the action through large screens that displayed your stage’s video feed or work with one of our preferred partners to create interactive fan walls where guests can engage with other locations. 

Reach an even wider audience by making it a hybrid event featuring live streaming packages that allow remote guests to access your event from their home or device. This option brings the Live Nation in-venue experience straight to your remote guests - regardless of where they are. Live Nation’s award-winning partners are sure to create an unrivaled experience for streaming, extravagant stage design, state-of-the-art lighting, décor and more.

Every guest would have a similar, premiere experience as your epic multi-city event plays out across the nation. This approach is best for:

  • Presenting live entertainment to remote guests
  • Featuring speakers or other presentations to remote guests
  • Hosting a live auction amongst guests in multiple locations
  • Creating a live “competition” where guests can fundraise against other locations in real-time

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Multiple Affiliated Events in Multiple Cities

Unlike the last option, this is a modular approach where events are affiliated but not directly connected. Fundraising events in each city would follow a similar template, but there is no live streaming or coordinating between venues. Each event can feature the same sponsors, branding, theme and decor, and focus on one cause across multiple cities. 

Live Nation talent plug-ins can assure that events in each city feature live entertainment from a variety of talent. The goal is to give guests in multiple cities a unified experience even though they’re attending their own custom-curated event. This approach is best for:

  • Large foundations with national name recognition 
  • Organizations with a presence in multiple markets
  • A “top-down” approach where most decisions are made at the corporate level and shared with individual locations
  • Fundraising events targeting donors in multiple cities

We’re ready to help you grow your mission and your impact at our venues across the U.S. Start planning your event with Live Nation Special Events today!