5 New Year’s Resolutions for Event Planners

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New Year’s resolutions usually focus on mind, body and soul… but doesn’t improving your professional self benefit all three? Live Nation Special Events thinks so, and that’s why we created this guide for event planners to find more balance, success and fulfillment this year. So turn the page on the calendar and follow these steps towards an epic 2023! 

Learn From the Past 

This year, work smarter and harder. Research past trends and look to successful events other companies/planners have hosted for inspiration. Check out these blogs, they are a great place to start. Test and optimize your digital marketing, and track analytics for a record of what works best. Test out new technology for events, this will allow you to build a baseline for your favorite and most effective tools.

Dr. Pepper Branding Event At The Fillmore New Orleans

Come Together 

Never stop exploring new ideas and reasons for hosting events! Finding creative ways to bring people together is at the heart of what we do. Live Nation Special Events has a unique venue for every gathering you can imagine this year. From intimate dinners and spacious celebrations to corporate events and galas, from quinceaneras to bar mitzvahs, from weddings to graduations - if you can dream it we can host it.

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Expand Your Reach

Let more than just your guests know how amazing your events are! Secure press coverage with local media outlets to attract bigger sponsors and a broader guest list. Follow a social media strategy to tell your story before, during and after the event. Capture stunning content that shows off your talent as a highly effective way to promote your brand.

Grow Relationships

Make this the year that you join an industry membership group/association and leverage your relationships (start with this list). Build relationships with your local DMC. Do site tours at venues and become familiar with their teams. Meet with vendors and partners that will help your events stand out. Trade information, contacts and experiences and watch your opportunities grow!

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Focus on Your Mental Health 

Most importantly, focus on YOU this year. If you’re not in a great place, your events won’t be either. Practice mindfulness, eat healthy, find time for exercise, and draw clear boundaries between work and life. Follow these guidelines for wellness and improve the energy, focus and drive you bring to every event!

Follow these resolutions or create some of your own. Whatever you choose, remember to take small steps, track progress and celebrate your wins on the way to your biggest year yet!

Start planning your event with Live Nation Special Events today!