Sustainability Takes Center Stage at Google I/O Conference

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Company and corporate events are back and bigger than ever and adding sustainable options to your private event is an important choice. Today event professionals are looking for ways to actively identify and develop industry-leading practices that prioritize people and the planet. At Live Nation, we’re driving these efforts on a global scale to impact live events across planning, production, sourcing, and community. Which is why Live Nation Special Events is honored to host Google I/O at Live Nation’s Shoreline Amphitheater, a San Francisco Bay Area venue.

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Sustainability Is A Central Part of Google’s Corporate Events

From Google products to event production, Google creates actionable practices to make sustainability the easy choice and key role for corporate event strategy. Google takes a holistic approach that preserves resources and benefits future generations through sustainable choices. This includes Google’s annual corporate events like Google I/O that showcase innovative technologies and highlight ongoing actions of event professionals in the sustainability space.

With a clear mission to create a sustainable society, Google hosted a corporate event leading with sustainability at Shoreline Amphitheater. Hosted annually, Google I/O connects developers to create thoughtful discussion, learn insights from Google experts, and gives participants a first look at the latest developer products. The program includes but is not limited to updates of Googles major platforms including Android, Google Pay, and Google Home. Guests can participate in workshops, listen to keynote speakers, and join in on technical sessions. Shoreline Amphitheatre beautifully accommodated all the attendees with their dynamic event venue, while also maintaining green initiatives for the corporate event’s 2,000 attendees.

Sustainable Event Catering and Custom Menus

Providing Sustainable Options At Events

Starting in 2020, Google incorporated reusable containers into its event food and beverage programming. These initiatives included serving breakfast and lunch from reusable containers. When activating Google I/O, Global Gourmet Catering used over 9,000 reusable, sealable eco-friendly packaging. This initiative allows for Google to use these containers as inventory for future special events.

Google’s ability to minimize single use products illustrates how you can incorporate sustainable initiatives into your own private event. You can utilize a Live Nation private event venue that assists with these eco-friendly initiatives. Shoreline Amphitheatre gives the perfect backdrop for your next sustainable friendly private event. The expansive green space allows for you to host your private event with sustainable initiatives, such as catering with reusable utensils, the placement of compost bins, and the ability to accommodate busses for car-pool services.

A standout feature of Google I/O is the keen attention to sustainability. Company picnics hosted like Google make it evident that even amongst the largest scale corporate events, sustainability efforts can be included at your special event. Shoreline Amphitheater is just one of Live Nation’s many unique event venues that you can utilize to host your next sustainable private event.