Tips to Elevate Your Product Launch Party

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Use these tips to elevate your next product launch party

Planning a product launch party is a lot like planning the product itself. You have to know your audience, create a one-of-a-kind experience and build your vision out of various moving pieces. When executed perfectly, a launch party can ignite a brand and energize the crowd who will be critical to its success. Follow these easy steps when planning your next product launch party, and watch your success launch with it!

Learn The Product

Spend time with your client’s team and learn the product, the audience and anything else you can absorb. You don’t have to be a product expert, but having a better understanding will go a long way towards making decisions that better synergize the product and event.

Choosing The Right Venue

Your venue is your blank canvas! If possible, try to associate it with the product. Is your product glamorous? Corporate? Tech-based? Find a space that intuitively reflects that. The other most important consideration for your event's location is proximity: you want your audience to be able to get there easily.

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Know Your “Why?”

When it comes to launching events, one size does not fit all. Spend time learning your client’s “why?”... the reason they are hosting the event and its short and long-term goals. Courting influencers, capturing leads, recruiting investors and wowing the press are all different objectives, and the best event planners will start strategizing early.

Make It Memorable

The product is the real star of the show, but using entertainment to make it more fun and memorable is just as important. Invite sponsors who will add great enhancements to your event in exchange for some exposure. Use your space to plan live music, a premium cocktail experience, a high-stakes contest, a DJ & dance floor, or any other unique entertainment that expresses the product or brand.

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Build The Hype

Promote your launch party through social media channels, a unique hashtag, email newsletters, industry blogs and whatever other communication channels correspond to your target audiences. Reach out to industry influencers and encourage them to hype the event as a must-attend. Wherever possible, try to incorporate the product benefits or features into your strategy for a unique touch!


The day after the event is your most valuable window for guest engagement. Follow through on your client’s objectives (and yours too) in gathering post-event feedback and info. Use the same strategies you did for the pre-event marketing. This includes lots of social media activity, continuing use of the event hashtag and sending out newsletters.

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