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We can get so caught up in the insanely busy world of event planning that we often forget this one simple rule: your best event starts with your best you! Self-care is a vital skill in our industry, just as important as time management or organization (some would say even more so). Your events will only ever be as good as your focus, energy level and well-being allow them to be. Taking care of yourself through careful planning, exercise, meditation and diet will promote productivity and reduce your risk of burnout. 

Here are four essential tips that will have you feeling and performing your best!

Workout anywhere

Even if you’re traveling or in the middle of a busy day, you can steal a quick 15 minutes and get an effective workout using everyday objects. Get creative! You can use a chair or the edge of a hotel bed to elevate feet for pushups and for quick box jumps. Hit the stairs for some quick cardio, or try lunges or squats. PopSugar Fitness has a great selection of equipment-free workout videos.

Practice mindfulness 

Mindful meditation practice really helps get your day started with positive energy! Just sit, breathe and relax while you gather your thoughts and focus on the tasks ahead. You can start with just ten minutes and work your way up to as much as an hour. Once you become skilled at mindfulness, you’ll learn that you can take it anywhere. Download an app, like Headspace to master mindful breathing, awareness, observation and more.


Snack Healthy

Preparedness is the key to a healthy diet! Never leave the house without a water bottle, a piece of fruit, some nuts, a protein bar or any other easy and portable healthy snack. That way when hunger hits in the middle of a busy day, it’s a lot easier to ignore your cravings and grab whichever healthy option is in reach. Try these recipes for your homemade healthy snacks!


Track Your Progress

Event planning is a pretty physical job, so you may be reaching your fitness goals without even knowing it! Wearable technology like Fitbit, Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch measure steps, calories, heart rate, hydration level and a whole host of other crucial fitness metrics. They’ll even track your sleep to ensure that you’re getting a full night’s rest. 


It’s never too late to start focusing on your own self-care. Being an event planner is one of the most stressful jobs in the world, but if you take care of your mind and body you can handle anything! Make small adjustments anywhere you can, and you’ll be amazed at how great you feel about yourself and your events.