Pride 2021 | Pridezillas and Live Nation Special Events

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When Live Nation Special Events hosts same-sex weddings, we put pride on center stage. We’ve seen same-sex couples celebrate their love at our legendary venues across the country, and along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about infusing pride into a wedding. That’s why we sat down with Pridezillas, a leading wedding resource for the LGBTQ+ community, for a discussion on how to have an amazing, memorable, pride-filled wedding day.

What are memorable ways you’ve seen couples infuse pride into their LGTBQ+ weddings? Rainbows are always a fun, unmistakable way to show your pride! There are so many options. We've seen rainbow rings, signature cocktails, hair, sashes, cake, even fireworks. Beyond that, we’ve seen couples use a drag queen as their officiant. We’ve seen couples display positive signs and messaging throughout their venue. Whatever feels right for you and your partner - do it!

What signage can couples display around their same sex wedding venue to promote love, equality and pride? Messages of pride on display during a ceremony or reception always inspire me. It tells your guests that your wedding is a place of inclusion, and it shows the world your pride. I’ve seen couples incorporate the actual language from the Supreme Court ruling into their wedding decor, and we’ve also seen more tongue-in-cheek and funny options, like “choose a side, either way it’s for a bride!” If you’re displaying a message at your wedding, choose whichever inspires you the most!

What should couples consider when selecting gay friendly vendors? We think it’s essential for any couple – gay or straight - to work with inclusive and welcoming vendors. But partnering with gay friendly DJs, bakers, and photographers can add an extra level of pride to your wedding.  Here’s a list of all our LGBT-owned wedding vendors.

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What are your favorite LGTBQ+ wedding photo opportunities celebrating pride? I love when the officiant wears a rainbow scarf and then the couple takes photos with them. I love rainbow uplights on their venue walls/room. I love the use of a photobooth with rainbow mini flags and props. Most of all, I love authentic moments that capture the love between couples - especially the love felt on a wedding day. When it comes to showing pride, nothing beats those real moments.

Do you have any tips for selecting gay wedding outfits? My advice is – it’s your day, no one else’s! And it goes so very very fast. If you want to wear a dress, wear a dress. If you want to wear a suit, rock a suit. If you both want to wear beautiful white dresses go for it. Do what makes your heart happy and what makes you excited. There are endless options right now that weren’t afforded to other gay or lesbian couples even 10 years ago. Bring in a bow tie or rainbow socks or any element that celebrates you and your partner and the LGBT community. Make your day YOUR DAY!

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What is the biggest advice you can give a couple who wants to have an amazing, memorable, and pride-filled LGTBQ+ wedding day? Interview your vendors ahead of time and make sure you feel comfortable with them. They are with you all day and are the crew that will make sure your wedding is low stress. Focus on your partner and SMILE even if it rains. All these things will become your story to tell your friends, co-workers, kids and grandkids one day.

We’re proud to share your pride! Plan your same-sex wedding with Live Nation Special Events for an amazing, pride-filled day that celebrates your love. Contact Live Nation Special Events to book a wedding at one of our 150+ LGTBQ+ friendly wedding venues.