PBR Celebrate Local Artists With an Interactive Pop-Up

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Pabst Blue Ribbon and Live Nation Special Events came together to celebrate local artists in San Antonio and Charlotte for a multi-venue takeover that put each city’s vibrant art scene on display.

At downtown San Antonio’s Aztec Theater, Wide Awake creative studio’s In Living Pixels featured seven local artists’ creative interpretations of the digital and natural world around them.

The Aztec Theater is considered an architectural work of art in itself, and to reimagine it as a showcase for these visionary artists was definitely worth seeing. The Aztec’s dramatic interior space served as the perfect showcase for In Living Pixels’ immersive and interactive installations. 

Guests were invited to take a multi-dimensional view of themselves, the art, and the spaces around them as they moved through the Aztec Theater’s 35,000 square feet of versatile event space. Our staff partnered with the artists to take advantage of our world-class in-house production capabilities to give each installation a life of its own.

guests interact with in living pixels art installment

This one-of-a-kind interactive experience featured the following local artists:

Garden Party (Wide Awake + Dom Jimenez)

Neon flowers, greenery and more stunning visuals surrounded guests, who sat in retro lounge chairs while their faces were projected on vintage TV sets - though their bodies appeared unchanged - making for sharable photo opportunities that guests loved.

Let’s Meet Up (Wide Awake + Alan Weissling Pallares)

18 large mirrored security domes reflected guests’ images in a mind-bending variety of combinations as they moved back and forth on a custom seesaw.

Rainbow Xscape (Natalia Rocafuerte + Dom Jimenez)

Cameras mounted on televisions projected images onto screens throughout the Aztec Theater,  using various color gradients and effects to distort and morph the images.

installation at aztec theater’s in living pixels exhibit

Knowing and Seeing (Chris Sauter)

A freestanding room with holes cut into the walls allowed light to filter through the space, creating a mildly hallucinogenic effect. The installation inspired viewers to question their perceptions and the way they take in information.

Unnamed (Charlie Kitchen)

This installation used nature and optical illusions to create a space that made guests look differently at the natural world.

For more information on the artists, read their bios here.

In addition to the installations, In Living Pixels featured a space where two creators provided experiential engagements inspired by the installations, as well as local DJs and a bar on the Aztec Theater’s roomy upper deck where guests got to enjoy.

art installment at good times

The Fillmore Charlotte’s stylishly renovated 100-year-old fiber mill served as the perfect backdrop for Good Times, curated by IMEK Studios Creative Director Kevin Taylor. The goal of Good Times was to have people leave the show feeling hopeful, happy and energized.

Good Times featured works by Cheeks, Dammit Wesley, Fiberess, Fred Smith, Garden of Journey, Hnin Nie, Ian Wegener, Nico Amortegui, Noirs One, PrimeTime SignsRebecca Lipps,  and TWOKAT.

artists pose as part of the good times exhibit

Good Times also featured a pop-up Art Hole Gallery that exhibited work from local artists including Arko, Brian Twitty, Chalkboard, Mike Wirth, Miss Lotus, OBSOE, Owl, Swych, and more.

Coming up with a creative way to bring this art to life was a thrilling experience, and working alongside these visionary artists while supporting the San Antonio and Charlotte communities was an inspiration to every member of the Live Nation Special Events team. Every inch of our spaces was put to use to deliver an unforgettably epic experience to our guests!

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