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Follow these 5 tips for better audience engagement at your event

It’s a fact: audience engagement is one of the most important benchmarks of a successful event. Creating an immersive, shareable experience encourages your audience to participate and compels them to interact. Use these techniques and technologies to start engaging your audience now!

Know Your Audience

Take the time to understand your audience before the event. Knowing your crowd’s demographics and motivations can go a long way towards informing not only your event planning checklist, but also your participation strategy. Is the room filled with high school students or CEOs? Knowing your target enhances the event experience for your audience and reduce stress for you.

Use The Right Tech

A tech-rich event is a surefire way to boost audience interest and participation. From pre-event marketing to post-event capture, make sure you’re leveraging technology at every stage of the game. Before your event, promote a Twitter hashtag and give your audience content to consume before they even walk in the door. On the big day, use a live poll, a mobile app and a micro-blog to encourage interaction. After the event, use email to conduct surveys and gather feedback. Be creative! There are endless ways to take advantage of tech.


Inspire Participation

In-event touchpoints are critical for building a connection between your attendees and your event. Provide a robust mix of knowledgeable speakers, unique live entertainment, fun games, custom perks, swag and compelling design to up your “wow” factor and send audiences home inspired.

Build Better Ambiance

Environment plays a huge part in audience participation. The right lighting, sound levels, temperature and floor plan can compel your crowd to engage and connect. When planning out your space, always be mindful of ways to enhance crowd participation. Seating charts, crowd flow and decor are just a few subtle but powerful ways to build better participation.

Host An After Party

An afterparty is a great way to build participation beyond the event itself. Giving attendees an after-hours venue in which to have fun and network can provide huge value in furthering your connection. Be sure to integrate the event and afterparty through shared themes and ideas. An effective afterparty should supplement the event and keep crowds interested and engaged.