A Filming Pod is Every Production’s Must-Have in 2021

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2021 has ushered in a new year - and with it, a renewed sense of optimism as we inch closer to normal. For the entertainment industry in particular, the ingenuity and flexibility that defined 2020 are still very much a critical mindset as we continue to find new ways to create and connect with audiences. 

This year, filming pods will be a must-have for productions looking for a safe, professional and on-budget alternative to traditional filming spaces. Live Nation Special Events has opened its iconic venues to productions across the country as we transition our vast event spaces to filming pods. Read on to learn more about filming pods and why you’ll need one in 2021.

What Are Filming Pods?

Filming pods are closed, contained filming spaces that can safely accommodate a shoot by offering a variety of working areas and sets. Think spaces that feature existing tech infrastructure, multiple socially-distanced areas that can house cast and crew, and thousands of square feet of unique shooting space. In 2020, filming pods emerged as viable options for productions looking to maintain the quality of a professional shoot while observing safety guidelines, and their popularity is only expected to rise this year.

Why Do You Need A Filming Pod?

How and where we shoot may have changed, but all the moving pieces of a production definitely haven’t. As a producer, director or production manager you’re still responsible for finding space to accommodate talent, craft services, lighting, sound and other critical crew, as well as tons of equipment and set-pieces. Filming pods present separate areas or spacious venues for groups (like writing staff, art department and make-up) where they can safely occupy spaces (like main stages, lounges and green rooms) that allow them to collaborate while social distancing. 

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Live Nation Special Events Filming Pods Nationwide

With over a hundred venues across the country (including 12 in Southern California and 5 in Atlanta), Live Nation Special Events offers the perfect filming pod solution. From the outside in, our venues provide optimum space for every aspect of your production. Use the parking lot to set up base camp, with enough space for socially-distanced hair, make-up, and wardrobe tents, plus room for catering trucks with safe communal seating. Inside, our dressing rooms, VIP rooms, lounges, bars, restaurants, and main stage areas provide even more space for filming and working. As one of the country’s leading live entertainment venues, we have the professional sound and lighting infrastructure in place for even the most demanding productions. Multi-day or multi-week shoots can leave equipment on-site to minimize load-in and load-out time.

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Best of all, we are available for long term bookings right now, as shoots alternate days or even stretch to weeks to account for less cast and crew on hand.

A professional, customizable space that allows your entire crew to work and collaborate safely! If you’re shooting in 2021 and looking to maintain the quality of your final product, get in touch with us and book one of our many venues as a shooting pod today.