8 Tips for An Epic Office Holiday Party

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Ok, so last year’s office holiday party was the nightmare before Christmas. The food was lame, the drinks were blah, the space was boring and the vibe wasn’t very merry. This season, it’s time to escape the ghost of parties past and give your team the gift of an epic holiday throwdown. Just follow these simple steps and you’re on your way to the holiest, jolliest party of the season.

1. Location is everything

A cool spot with good vibes is key. You’ll build excitement, and attendance, by choosing a venue where people actually love to go. Look for a diverse space where guests can chat intimately, dance the night away, and enjoy the bar in equal measure. House of Blues is designed to create the perfect flow for your party. 

2. Themes make for a memorable experience (and great photo-ops)

A good theme dramatically enhances the overall experience, from opening the invitation, to the last dance, to checking out the party shots on Instagram with your own hashtag. Color is a great starting point. Consider a Blue Christmas or a Winter White Wonderland party, or center the festivities around an event like the winter solstice. Some themes trending this season include Solid Gold Christmas, A Holiday Masquerade and Crazy Christmas Sweaters. Pinterest is a great place to search for inspiration.  

Holiday Party Photo Ops

3. Treat your guests to truly unique food and drinks

It’s a fact that the bar is the first stop most people make at parties. A few custom cocktails and mocktails designed just for the event will make for a festive welcome. Consider chocolate martinis with a candy cane swizzle stick or virgin cranberry orange spritzers for those going light on the holiday spirits.

Forget tired party fare. Just say no to cheese and crackers, six-foot-long hoagies and hummus. Instead, enlist pro chefs and bartenders like the staff at House of Blues to create a memorable menu that goes with your party’s theme. The food should be delicious, not an afterthought. 

Holiday Party Food

Don’t forget to provide for those who follow special diets. Is there anything sadder than a hungry gluten-free vegan groaning at a holiday buffet?

4. Mix it up

Make sure the party has something for everyone. For millennials, it’s not a party without a DJ, a dance floor and throbbing bass. For others, that’s the definition of torture. For the tame-of-heart there’s karaoke. It can bring out the inner rock star in even your shyest staffers. A good karaoke MC can lead everyone in a few seasonal standards to keep up the festive mood. 

5. Games cut through the awkward small talk

Fun holiday games are a guaranteed way to get guests talking and connecting on a more personal level. A holiday movie trivia contest is always lively. Enlist your DJ to run a fun & fast Name That Carol Challenge. Guessing games like 20 Questions About Holiday Traditions or Who Is It? are also popular.

6. Surprise and delight

Do something unexpected. A trending holiday party favorite is the New Year’s fortune. Hire a tarot reader or a fortune teller to throw cards.

7. Don’t force it

Some people love Secret Santa or a rousing round of White Elephant. But those who don’t, really don’t. If you do have gift exchanges, make participation optional. It’s a good idea to provide a few extra wrapped gifts on hand in case someone who came empty-handed really wants to get in on the action.

Holiday Party Gift

8. It’s about gratitude

This is your chance to say thanks to all the little helpers who make your team what it is and contribute to your yearly success. Keep the business talk to a minimum. This isn’t the time for a long-winded speech about quarterly profits or corporate mergers. People want to have fun and blow off steam. So let them! Then send them on their way with a swag bag of thoughtful gifts and a whole lot of holiday cheer. It’s beginning to look a lot like a rock n' roll holiday season. Unwrap the Ultimate Holiday Experience with Live Nation Special Events. Click the button and an event specialist will reply to you shortly!

It’s beginning to look a lot like a rock n roll holiday season. Unwrap the Ultimate Holiday Experience with Live Nation Special Events.