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Congratulations... you just killed it with another successful event! Your guests were engaged, your vendors delivered and your client was thrilled. But are you doing everything you can to take advantage of that post-event buzz? Success is more than just a day-of checklist, so use this helpful guide to help create, gather and boost post-event surveys for valuable feedback to plan for the future!

Follow these 8 simple tips to get the most out of your post-event surveys:

1. Act now!

Ask for feedback as soon as the event is over while the experience is still fresh in attendees’ minds. You can email your post-event survey, load it on iPads at the venue, or have a feedback wall near the exit. Choose a survey distribution method that makes the most sense for your event.

2. Keep it short and sweet

You want to respect your attendees’ time and keep your surveys short and to the point. A short survey is great is because it forces you to only ask the questions that matter and focuses your attendees on providing measurable data.

3. Optimize, optimize, optimize

Make sure your event surveys work great on mobile devices. Attendees will most likely complete your survey on their device while on the go, so be sure to distribute a short, well-designed, mobile-friendly survey.


4. Integrate your brand

You delivered an awesome event to your attendees. Build off of that experience and keep it consistent by sending a beautiful survey that’s on-brand and leaves a lasting impression.

5. Share key data points.

Using post-event figures like attendance counts, fundraising totals and other memorable stats help you frame the event positively and give your attendees key metrics to share.

6. Include content.

Sharing photos and videos of the event are great ways to re-engage attendees and gather more vivid and accurate feedback.


7. Include a compelling call-to-action.

Post-event surveys do more than just gather info, they can promote powerful follow-up action as well as sign-ups for future events or donations.

8. Use a professional platform.

If you’re too focused on your next event then partner with a review monitoring and management platform. There are a lot of services available (like Reputology) that help monitor, respond to and analyze online reviews.

Now you’re on your way to better ROI for your time, your budget and your events!