6 Steps For Events To Minimize Their Carbon Footprint

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Welcome to the golden age of green. Today, there are more easy and affordable resources for event planners looking to go green than ever before. And greening your events is good for more than just the environment. It improves your team culture, connects you with eco-conscious attendees and grows your bottom line. In honor of Earth Day, Live Nation Special Events invites our event planner partners to join us in reaching our sustainability goals. These simple steps are a great first step.

Start With an Audit

If you’re serious about going green, this is the best place to start. Look at every facet of your event and continuously ask yourself if you can be more environmentally friendly. Usually, a deep dive like this will present dozens of opportunities for greener choices. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be afraid to start small and set a timetable of manageable goals.

Create a Green Culture

Share your new vision with your team. Creating an inclusive environment will encourage them to buy into your green goals and celebrate success. What’s more, your team is on the front lines of your event they see opportunities to go green that you may not even know exist. Encouraging them to share feedback and take action will create a culture of green empowerment.

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Support Green Vendors

Going green means thinking beyond your four walls. Partner with companies that take real efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. That could include post-consumer waste products, green manufacturing measures, energy-efficient vehicles, green food and beverage partners and much more. The more that event planners support green vendors, the more successful and widespread they become.

Reduce Paper

Obvious right? Not always. Paper is hiding everywhere in your daily operations - knowing where to reduce it is one of the most impactful (and money-saving) tactics on this list. Signing up for paperless billing, only printing essentials (save other documents to the cloud), transitioning to electronic invitations and buying recycled paper are just a few places to start.

Encourage Telecommuting

Limiting travel reduces fossil-fuel consumption and pollution, so telecommute and video conference wherever possible. Today’s teleconferencing tools make virtual collaboration more seamless than ever. Use them to help achieve your green goals!

Ask Your Event Venue About Their Green Efforts

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Hosting over 35,000 live events each year, Live Nation has the opportunity and responsobility to provide our artists and fans with a live music experience that protects our planet. What are some of Live Nation’s Green Nation green goals for all Live Nation owned and operated venues, clubs, theaters and festivals? Live Nation events and venues are testing various programs to discover the most effective way to reduce the negative environmental impacts often associated with live events including:

  1. Inspiring fans to recycle
  2. Introducing climate-friendly plant-based menu items like the Impossible Burger
  3. Eliminating plastic straws across all US venues
  4. Instituting stringent environmental guidelines for concessions and vendor partners
  5. Adding on-site venue compost programs
  6. Installing free water refill stations to reduce single-use bottle waste 

Start planning your next green event at one of our legendary venues today!