4 Steps On How to Find The Perfect Filming Location in Atlanta

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With thousands of options for great filming locations, a thriving local community of professionals and a film office that’s worked with top-grossing productions, Atlanta is one of the world’s leading destinations for filming. If you’re planning on bringing your TV or film project to Atlanta, you already know all that. But do you know how to find the perfect filming location in Atlanta? We’ve done the homework, and the footwork, to ensure that bringing your production to the ATL is easy and stress-free! Read on to follow our simple steps.

(1) Create a List of “Must Haves”

After reviewing your production, create a list of requirements for your locations. Gorgeous exteriors, period interiors, vast or intimate spaces… what do your scenes call for? A quick checklist is the easiest way to qualify the dozens of spaces you could potentially see. Don’t forget about the staff! Finding a filming location with a knowledgeable and experienced event staff makes a huge difference in a successful shoot. Having an in-house production team who speaks your language, handles quick deadlines and can accommodate as much as possible will help transform your vision. 

camera filming live performance at a live nation special events venue Atlanta

(2) Set Up a Walkthrough (& Take Venue Photos!) 

Next, you’ll want to set up a walkthrough of each potential venue. Be sure to take photos of the interiors and exteriors for future comparison, and to share with your crew as you make your decision. Be thorough - capture every nook, cranny and corner! Does your production call for dark spaces like stairwells and alleys? Be sure to capture those too. Come to the walkthrough prepared with a long list of questions. Questions you’ll want to ask include:

  • Is there power? How much and where?
  • What size is the stage? 
  • Is the stage modular? Can it be removed?
  • Does the venue have WiFi? What’s the UP/DOWN Speed?
  • What’s parking like? How many allotted spaces are needed for base camp and overnights? Are parking buyouts available?
  • How do you load into the stage? Are there requirements such as contracted stagehands?
  • Do you have an experienced tech staff?
  • Do you have state-of-the-art lighting and sound? 
  • Are tech packs available?

filming of a live event at the met philadelphia

(3) Know Your Atlanta Film Schedule

Know your shoot schedule to be sure that your venue can align with your plan. Always have a preliminary schedule available for potential venues with prep, shoot and wrap days outlined. This will help identify any conflicts early on. If you won’t have your schedule until a day or two before load-in, be sure to let the venue know and get them the schedule at your earliest convenience. Give your potential venue as many logistics as you can upfront, like how many extras will be in the shoot, will the extras be held inside the venue and whether or not you need space for craft services. 

filming of a live event at a live nation special events venue

(4) Consider Live Nation Special Events Venues in Atlanta

Live Nation Special Events is a proud partner to Atlanta’s thriving production scene! With five venues across greater Atlanta, we have a broad portfolio of locations for your shoot. We have historic/period settings, modern spaces and blank spaces that can be adapted to your shoot. Adjustable ceilings make it easy for crew and equipment to maneuver on your shoot, and most of the bar and lounge spaces come already dressed with chic artwork and furniture. Our adjustable stages make for quick load-in and load-out, and easy scaling of sets. Best of all, we have the experience! Our team has worked on a number of high-profile shoots and has the knowledge and responsiveness (we’re never more than a phone call away) that you demand.

Start planning your event with Live Nation Special Events today!