5 Reasons Why Micro Weddings Are This Year’s Biggest Trend

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A huge part of staying happy and healthy during these unpredictable times is being able to see the positive in every situation - and that’s never been truer than when it comes to planning your micro wedding. 

A micro wedding is simply an intimate approach to your special day. Think of a group of your most-loved family and friends, a handful of trusted vendors, and a spacious venue that’s the perfect place to say “I do.” More and more couples are finding the magic in micro weddings.

Instead of thinking of a micro wedding as the next-best-thing to your original vision, consider it the ideal event that curates a highly intimate experience with sincere connections to every moment and every guest. Here are five reasons why micro weddings are on the rise, and why it’s ok to think smaller when it comes to the biggest day of your life.

1. Your Original Plan Is No longer Possible

Let’s start here. If your original plan is no longer possible for a variety of reasons - that’s OK! Your wedding is about sharing your love with cherished family and friends, and micro weddings are designed for just that. Don’t let factors beyond your control cloud your wedding day. Know that a perfect micro wedding is a celebration that can be just as special as a big wedding (if not more!)

2. Creates More Room In Your Budget

Shifting to a micro wedding or planning one from the start can open up your budget in ways you never thought possible. Scaling back your guest list will save you thousands of dollars that you can re-invest into a higher quality experience for your smaller guest list. Create one or two custom drinks with the help of a mixologist, personalized wedding favors, photo booth and lighting designer are a few ways your can upscale and enhance your wedding.

3. A More Personal Experience

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Micro weddings are an ideal way to avoid the “cookie-cutter” feeling of larger events. Fewer expenses, a lax timeline and fewer details to focus on will let you craft a more custom experience.  With a smaller group, you can do more activities and spend more time together to really make it a memorable time, not just a flash of an evening. Use the freedom of your micro wedding to focus on what matters most to you!

4. Less Stress & More Joy

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You hear it all the time: between all the pictures, the schedule and the facetime with every guest, the wedding was a blur. When it comes to micro weddings, less is definitely more. Less planning and less stress equal more time to focus on cherished guests, the joy of the day and each other. It’s about more than just stopping by each table for hello - micro weddings let you really share your happiness with each and every guest.

5. The Most Spacious Venues For your Micro Wedding

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When it comes to micro weddings, your imagination is the limit. Smaller guest lists can open up a world of possibilities when finding the perfect venue. For a breathtaking space that’s equal parts intimate and elegant, choose Live Nation Special Events for your micro wedding. Their 100+ nationwide venues are fully customizable for guest lists of all sizes. Best of all, partner with our experienced team to help bring your vision to life for a perfect day that you’ll never forget.

Contact us and start planning your micro wedding today!